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Consider OfficeXtend™ an extension of your company. Based in Phoenix, AZ serving small businesses nationwide. We offer outsourcing services by providing dedicated specialists in the area of interest by your company. Our outsourced specialists are fluent in English, fully vetted and experienced in the field of your choosing. We assist companies in growing and expanding their businesses at a fraction of the cost! There are no limitations to what we can do for your company. Our team becomes YOUR team!

Now, small businesses can compete with established and powerful companies with confidence, capabilities and resources like never before. We offer our clients an opportunity to speak to our remote workforce specifically lined up for your company based on your requirements and criteria. This complimentary service allows you to personally choose the outsourced virtual agent to assist you.


Remote Specialists that are vetted, qualified and screened for experience prior to interviewing with you.

We have experienced professionals serving all major industries with a world wide distributed team fully equipped to plug into your remote workspace.

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All outsourced staff are fluent in English






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1. We have a 10 min free consultation and price quote.

2. You interview 2-4 vetted remote agents.

3. You select who you like, set schedule.

4. No Contracts. No Commitments.

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