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OfficeXtend™ offers remote services to U.S. based small businesses. We help companies grow and expand at a fraction of the cost! Simply put: We Act As An Extension Of Your Business. There are no limitations to what we can do for your company. Our team becomes YOUR team! Any department you need can be created within 48 hours! Now, small businesses can compete with established and powerful companies with confidence, capabilities and resources like never before. We offer our clients an opportunity to speak to our team members specifically lined up for your company based on your requirements and criteria. This complimentary service allows you to personally choose the team member to assist you. We help assist you globally while growing your company locally.


We believe every company deserves an
opportunity to compete in this market today and because we offer
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Most Affordable Team For Your Services

Most Affordable Team
For Your Services

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Lowest Rates Guaranteed

Lowest Rates

Our solutions management services are designed to give you a single point of contact

In order for us to offer the most competitive rates on the market today, our team members remain 100% remote.
A global approach to your workforce allows you to tap into top talent from across the world

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